Salty lavash rolls

You need:

  • 1 LameLeib Classic Lavash
  • 100g melted cheese
  • 5 lettuce leaves
  • 30g sliced red paprika
  • 100g sliced tomatoes
  • 5-6 cheese slice halves
  • 5-6 ham slice halves
  • 5-6 sliced pickles
  • 40g Felix potato sauce


  1. Spread melted cheese on lavash.
  2. Add all ingredients, put them one after another, so it’s easier to roll lavash together. Look at the pictures! 
  3. Roll lavash tightly together.
  4. With sharp knife cut roll into smaller pieces.
  5. You get around 20 lavash rolls from one lavash.
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Salty lavash rolls
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