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How to store lavash?

  1. Lavash preserves at the normal temperature for 4-7 days
  2. In refrigerator for up to 14 days (lavashi should be allowed to warm up to room temperature before use)
  3. In freezer up to 30 days. (From the freezer, let Lavash completely melt before use)

NB! If you do not use all the products at once, close the package so that the air can not dry product. Since it is a natural product that does not contain additives, the lavash begins to dry out and may crumble. If Lavash is already dry, use a wet towel, placing it on the lavash for a few minutes.

Why to eat LameLeiva products?

LameLeiva products are made from pure ingredients and do not contain preservatives or other additives.

You can easily make both snacks, main dishes and desserts (see recipes: ).

We hope that our products will help you to live a more fulfilling life and provide inspiration for a healthy and versatile food!

LameLeib makes food exiting!

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