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Our bakery is based on Estonian capital, we would like to offer awesome products and enrich Your table with new tastes.

What is flatbread?

Flatbread made from flour and water has been baked on fire and hot stones since the beginning of times. Today flatbread is basic food for many nations in the world. Tortilla in Mexico, naan in India, Pakistan and Iran, injer in Ethiopia and its neighbour countries, matzoh in Israel, it is called po bi or bing in China, indians name flatbread johnnycake, Caucasian nations, Greece and Turkey call it lavash. It is called flattbread in Norway, pizza in Italy. Flours may be different, but cooking methods are quite similar. Flatbread is the simplest way to get baked bread from flour and water.

Adding different fillings to thin and easily used flatbread you can get a delicious roll or wrap, a light snack or a main meal, cold or hot, savoury or sweet, a meal with meat or vegetarian – only fantasy can limit opportunities of using flatbread.

Our flatbread is made of pure raw materials and does not contain preservatives or other additives.

We belive that our clients’ satisfaction is determined by taste and quality!

We hope that our products will help You live a full life and ispire in cooking healthy and various food!

We use modern technology and the newest quality systems in our production.

Flatbread makes food exciting!

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