Rye roll with spiced sprat

You need:

  • LameLeib Rye Lavash
  • 80g cream cheese
  • 5 lettuce leaves
  • 15 boiled quail eggs
  • 10 spiced sprats
  • Few pickle slices
  • Few red onion slices
  • 8-10 tsp Hellmann’s mayonnaise


  1. Spread cream cheese all over lavash.
  2. On the bottom part add boiled quail eggs, so it’s easier for you to roll lavash together. Look at the pictures!
  3. Add lettuce, pickles, sparts, red onion and Hellmann’s mayonnaise.
  4. Roll lavash tightly together! Look at the pictures!
  5. Cut into smaller pieces.
  6. ENJOY!

You can replace quail eggs with regular boiled chopped eggs.

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Rye roll with spiced sprat
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