Tortilla cake

You need:

  • 2 packages LameLeib Wholegrain Tortilla
  • 400g cream cheese
  • 300g iris candies
  • 400g vanilla curd paste
  • 40g butter
  • 4 bananas
  • For decoration some berries of your choice


  1. On low heat and constantly stirring melt iris and butter. 
  2. In a big bowl mix together cream cheese and melted iris cream. Use mixer or whisk. If you use whisk be fast, because iris might harden.
  3. Slice banana into thin slices.
  4. Take cake tray and add 1 tortilla on the bottom layer.
  5. On top of that first add vanilla curd and then sliced bananas. Look at the pictures!
  6. Then add new layer of tortilla and now layer of iris cream.
  7. Repeat the same, in total you will have 3 banana layers. Decide which layer you want to have top – vanilla or iris.
  8. Decorate with berries of your choice.
  9. Cover cake with food film and put it in the fridge for few hours before serving.
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Tortilla cake
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