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Shirt and tie lavash

You need:

  • 1 LameLeib Classic lavash
  • 20g cream cheese with herbs
  • 20g grated cheese
  • 20g chicken ham
  • 20g tomatoes
  • 15g feta cheese
  • Half a long red pepper
  • 1-2 slices of hamburger cheese


  1. Cut Classic lavash into half and use one of the halfs.
  2. Take rectangular lavash in front of you and on top of the lavash take 2-3 cm and make 5-6 cm cuts on both edges. (Look at the pictures!)
  3. Fold lavash together in the middle, do not fold the top part.
  4. Cut the top part about 2cm shorter.
  5. Folt the top part into shape of a shirt collar.
  6. Open lavash to fill it.
  7. Add thin layer of cream cheese.
  8. Put grated cheese in the middle of lavash.
  9. Add sliced ham, add sliced tomatoes and feta cheese.
  10. Fold lavash into shirt shape again, first in the middle and then fold collar.
  11. Put lavash on baking tray and heat it in the 185 degree oven about 3-4 minutes.
  12. Take red long pepper and cut it into tie shape. (Look at the pictures!)
  13. Slice hamburger cheese into thin stripes.
  14. Decorate tie with cheese stripes.
  15. Put tie on lavash.
  16. ENJOY!

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