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After the activation of the contract, if the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions and  LameLeib OÜ account has received 100% of cost of goods, products will be delivered to the delivery address given by the customer in the order

Parcel machine

In cooparation with the SmartPOST customer can order goods to pack machines. When ordering client can choose the most suitable pack machine location. After goods have reached to pack machine a message will be sent to a client mobile with  personal door code. The customer must enter the code to the terminal  panel (PC), after which the door opens and client receives the goods. Package is held in pack machines seven days after pack is entered to pack machine. If the client does not take goods within 7 days, it will be returned to LameLeib. The good are generally delivered within 1-2 workdays. Price: 3.95 eurot.



Order goods with courier to Your home or compnay(except islands). The good are generally delivered within 1-2 workdays. Price: 5.50 eurot.



The fastest way to get your order is to come to the office for yourself.We will call You and let You know if Your order is ready and You can come to pickup the goodshelistame Address leiva 3 (look our location at ''Contact'' page). Price: Free.